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PHD Help Desk
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09.02.2012 - 17:35: New version, PHD Help Desk 2.12 | Citar Citar

It's available the new version with these changes:

- Now you don't need configure the include_path variable in the php.ini file. The variable $Include is inicialized in the installation proccess in the file, if you wish to set the include_path environment you must empty this variable with a blanc.
- The configuration file is named and the file now is, both are in the root file.
- It is updated the e-mail send library to PHPMailer 5.1
- BUG #34 corrected: when input a ticket with alert state was called a no exists program.
- Add transactioanlity.
- New log file with e-mail send errors.
- Replace the deprecated functions ereg y split
- Areas and users loader.
- News report.
- New parameter to set mandatory assign the ticket to an operator.


Julio Tuozzo
PHD Help Desk

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