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PHD Help Desk
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04.11.2017 - 12:53: PHD Help Desk 2.12 - SQLi/XSS | Citar Citar

PHD Help Desk is a help desk application used for managing help tickets in corporate/enterprise environments. The latest version (2.12) is vulnerable to, well, quite a few instances of SQLi and XSS. I’ll try and go through a couple, but there are so many it’s sort of embarrassing, and none of them are at all complex. The software is clocking ~200 downloads/week on Sourceforge, and no telling how many off their website, so it’s definitely still out there somewhere. These issues have been disclosed to the vendor and a generous amount of time to fix them has since passed.

This doesn’t even really try to sanitize anything. strip_tags is used to remove HTML and PHP tags from a string, and trim strips whitespace; what? It pulls out the username, checks it in the database, then pulls the password, md5’s it, and checks that in the database. Plenty of opportunity for SQLi, but no way to get around the login screen with a simple ' OR '1=1, due to the final query using the md5 of the password. We could use a malicious username and comment that out, but then the first query would fail. So instead, we’ll just use the username to run malicious queries.

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